Monthly Archives: August 2014


Last weekend, I was invited to sit in on the Design Council at the Artisan Resource at NY NOW. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, NY NOW is an immense trade fair where every exhibitor, retailer and visitor feels overwhelmed with the immense scale and quantity of things.

But tucked away in a warehouse-like space called Pier 94, was Artisan Resource, dedicated to booths for artisan groups from all over the world to display their handmade wares, aspiring to receive enough clients and orders to keep their livelihoods sustainable and traditions alive.

My role was to offer design critique vis a vis products, merchandising and booth display.

I ended up spontaneously taking apart the Filipino booth of Echostore and redoing it from scratch, editing products, focusing on an exquisite range of Ikat backstrap wovens in Abaca fibre.

And then, luckily for me, and them, clients came pouring in!